About the Artist

Jess Wilson has over 20 years of experience in the visual and performing arts. Jess serves on the Board of Directors for several theater groups and music festivals and is the co-founder of the WatermelonAlligator Theatre Company. In addition to being an artist, Jess is also a radio personality/disc jockey, director, actor, musician and writer.

Jess shoots primarily with the lightweight, portable Nikon D40, with various lenses. Some photos may be cropped from their original size, but no other digital manipulation is done on the images unless specifically noted.

While Jess has happily made the transition to digital photos, there is nothing like film, so some shots in our exhibits may be shot on manual SLR cameras (primarily the Pentax K-1000). Film photos are not available for digital preview, as we feel that digitizing film reduces the quality of the images. Film prints may only be viewed/purchased in our exhibitions or by arranging a personal showing if you are in the Cape Cod/SE Mass region.